Tech & Docs

Because I just needed to do that, here is how it works:

  • switch to the mastodon-user sudo su - mastodon

  • enter your live directory cd live

  • start the rails console RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rails console

  • find the account of the user account = Account.find_by(username: 'theonewhoforgotthepw')

The output will be echoed on the screen, have a look. If the output is “nil”, then the user does not exist.

  • also find the user object user = User.find_by(account: account)

  • set the new password for the user user.password = 'dontforgetitagain'

The output will be the new password itself.

  • save it with:!

  • Then you can logout of the rails console with exit and also exiting the mastodon user.

(Laptop used: Medion Akoya E6222)

1. On the old Windows system

Do the downloads

  • check if there are more then one partition and tell me if so
  • connect to fast internet
  • download Etcher and install it
  • download the Ubuntu system file (64-bit version)

Make the USB-Stick bootable (at least 4GB)

  • plug in the USB-stick (all files will be removed!)
  • open Etcher
  • select the USB-stick out of the device list
  • select the Ubuntu system file you downloaded (Download folder)
  • click the Thunder symbol to execute

2. Installing Ubuntu

Note: All data on the windows machine, including the system, will be erased!

Starting from USB

  • switch off the laptop
  • plug the USB-stick in
  • switch on the laptop holding F2
    • (F2 to enter BIOS menu; carefully with the settings there!)
  • under menu “boot” disable fastboot
  • under menu “abvanced” enable usb legacy
  • save & exit – Note that the last 4 may vary depending on your laptop model and manufacturer!
  • restart and now press F10 to enter boot menu
  • choose ths USB stick to boot from (it should then say “Press any key to boot from USB.”
  • then you fill see the Ubuntu system installer opening screen
  • select the language and choose Install Ubuntu

Image – choose to download Updates while the installation runs, including 3rd party applications (select it unlike in the screenshot)

Image – partitioning the HDD according to the picture – unlike shown in the screenshot, select “Encrypt the new Ubuntu installation for security

Image – Put in your log-in credentials (Note: This is different from the system start password!)

Image – wait until the installation is complete



Check out software you may need

  • first we update the system: follow the pop-ups first
  • open the termina and type sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade
  • enter your user-password (it won't be shown on the screen)
  • install VLC Media Player (via the AppStore)
  • check the AppStore for software you may need